Sunday, December 7, 2014

The 30 day Positivity Challenge

You're about to see a very life changing challenge! The universe has lead you here because you deserve to be happy, my friend. 

For 30 days, everyone should be disciplined enough to give a little time for reflection and thanksgiving. 

So here it goes:
Day 1: Get a notebook you're gonna call your "happiness notebook", in this notebook, you're gonna write ten things your grateful for the day before you sleep. Continue doing this for the next 29 days.
Day 2: Keep a journal (your happiness notebook may be the journal), it's important to keep track of your progress and see the change after 30 days. Continue doing this for the next 28 days
Day 3: Read about meditation. Meditate before you start the day and before you sleep, continue doing this for the next 27 days.
Day 4: Start reading a new self help book
Day 5: Always start your day with a smile (smiling make you feel better even though you're down)
Day 6: Practice positive thinking, focus on the good aspects of things.
Day 7: Make someone smile today
Day 8: Appreciate a person and tell them what you like about them
Day 9: Thank a person today
Day 10: Give yourself free time to enjoy your hobbies and relax
Day 11: Help someone today
Day 12: Don't complain today
Day 13: Don't eat unhealthy food today
Day 14: Every time you see yourself in the mirror, think that you are beautiful.
Day 15 - Day 29: Remember to do Day 1 - Day 6 daily
Day 30: Reread your journal and see the positive changes you have in your life.

*It's better to continue this even after the challenge for more positive experiences. Good luck!