Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vanillant's Blog Critique

Happy Thursday everyone! I decided to critique blogs and check them out in order to find new blogger friends and follow new accounts. There are a lot of bloggers who want to know what people think about their blogs so I found a way to help you guys. It's called Vanillant's Blog Critique.

The procedures are simple:
1. Follow me in GFC and Bloglovin' (links on the sidebar) and state what number you are in my follower's list in the comments below. For example: I'm #8 in Bloglovin' and #14 in GFC. 
2. Tell me you want to be critiqued in the comments. For example: "Please critque my blog"
3. Don't forget to state your blog link. It's funny if you did the first 2 procedures and forget to state your blog link. 

Simple right? All free and you don't even have to spend much effort typing.

What I'm going to do:
1. I will comment on your latest post judging the blog by the following: 
  • What I think the blog is about
  • Theme & its relevance to content
  • Social media buttons or links (Is it easy to find?)
  • About Page
  • Content of blog (Are the posts compelling?) 
  • Advice (Optional)
2. I will follow the blogs that catch my eye. If I did not follow you but you want me to follow you back, be free to comment on my latest post telling me to do so. (I will follow you)

NOTE: Please do not be offended because I will be completely honest in my evaluation. This is for your own good but please remember that what I will say is opinionated and it's still your choice if you want to follow my advice. 

Comment down below and I will answer as I see notifications. Have a great day!


  1. Starting a new fitness blog and I would really really love the help!

    1. please join my blog or/and follow me on bloglovin' first and i will critique your blog asap! :)


  2. please follow my blog and I will follow you back after it and critique my blog! thank you.