Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happiness Starts With You

I'm choosing happiness today.

It's funny how I thought that being happy was an easy thing. It's really difficult because everyone face challenges. I became one of those people who couldn't get away from their bed thinking of how they wish everything was a dream. I felt the weakness of my body because I was very crushed inside. I saw everything as gray and I envied everyone who were happy because I was one of them before. Life makes you spin with joy but it also makes you fall and all you have to do is stand back and regain your balance. It may be hard but trust me, everything's gonna be alright. 

Here's 5 facts and tips that will cheer you up:
  1. Everything is possible, just believe. The believers are the ones who attain their goals. Someone tried to let you down? Stand up and prove to them they're wrong. Use their criticism as your inspiration. Everything you can imagine may happen. Just believe.  
  2. Crying releases the pain. Find a private place and cry it all out until the pain has decreased. It will surely help. Don't pretend that you're happy if you're not. Release the negativity first then work on making yourself happy again. 
  3. Don't dwell in the past. It hurts I know, but there's nothing you can do to bring back time. All we have to do is to release the negativity through time because time can heal all wounds. Hurting yourself or ruining yourself because of the past won't help. Accept everything and work to improve yourself more.
  4. Writing your feelings releases it. Go on and write all the pain on a notebook. Don't read it. Just keep on writing until the pain decreased. 
  5. Everything will be alright in the end. It's impossible to be lonely for the rest of your life. Life isn't that rude. Time, time can heal all wounds and without even realizing it, you're gonna be happy again.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

State of Depression

Vanillant is a blog of positivity and happiness... The author must be happy and promote happiness... but she can't follow the advice she gives. I have been depressed for the past few weeks because of personal problems and I admit, I felt like I wanted to die in order to escape all my problems. I know it's wrong, but I'm sick enough to think it's right. This is the reason why I have been gone for a lot of weeks. I try to be happy with the little things that make me happy but I can't be anymore. I want to smile like I used to before but nothing feels right anymore. I read a lot of articles but I can't seem to follow them anyway. I feel like I'm wasting all my time when I should be happy... but how can I be happy? In the past few days, I try to believe that the storm will pass and a rainbow will appear. I'm the only one who could mend myself now.

I'll start posting again when I'm okay.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Learn to appreciate

This is a simple post. No blog techniques or anything involved. It's just me regretting the things I've done for the past few weeks. This blog is a positivity blog and the blogger has been very negative lately. It's been three weeks that I didn't care about my reputation anymore because I was drenched in sorrow all over. I feel very negative from head to toe because when I was too busy appreciating everything, I neglected the man I love so much, my boyfriend. I didn't appreciate him. My pride was always too high. This fight made our relationship very fragile. It almost ended last week. My boyfriend got tired of his efforts on me so he changed and became very cold to me. He tells me he still loves me but he couldn't go back to the happy man he used to be. I broke his trust, now I can't get it back. He tells me that if he'd go back to the happy man he was, I might neglect him again because I always did that before. Now that I'm willing to change, there's no more chances. So please, appreciate the ones you love. Please put this short block of text on your mind because losing the one you love so much would really hurt. The pain is greater than getting injured or punched or whatever. It would make you cry every single night. Joseph, if you're reading this. I'm sorry. I know that I said it a million times that you might not believe that it's from my heart. I'm sorry that it's too late. I wish I appreciated you way back before. It hurts that I can't do anything to get you back. Time will heal you. I hope you know that I really love you, I really do.