Sunday, December 7, 2014

The 30 day Positivity Challenge

You're about to see a very life changing challenge! The universe has lead you here because you deserve to be happy, my friend. 

For 30 days, everyone should be disciplined enough to give a little time for reflection and thanksgiving. 

So here it goes:
Day 1: Get a notebook you're gonna call your "happiness notebook", in this notebook, you're gonna write ten things your grateful for the day before you sleep. Continue doing this for the next 29 days.
Day 2: Keep a journal (your happiness notebook may be the journal), it's important to keep track of your progress and see the change after 30 days. Continue doing this for the next 28 days
Day 3: Read about meditation. Meditate before you start the day and before you sleep, continue doing this for the next 27 days.
Day 4: Start reading a new self help book
Day 5: Always start your day with a smile (smiling make you feel better even though you're down)
Day 6: Practice positive thinking, focus on the good aspects of things.
Day 7: Make someone smile today
Day 8: Appreciate a person and tell them what you like about them
Day 9: Thank a person today
Day 10: Give yourself free time to enjoy your hobbies and relax
Day 11: Help someone today
Day 12: Don't complain today
Day 13: Don't eat unhealthy food today
Day 14: Every time you see yourself in the mirror, think that you are beautiful.
Day 15 - Day 29: Remember to do Day 1 - Day 6 daily
Day 30: Reread your journal and see the positive changes you have in your life.

*It's better to continue this even after the challenge for more positive experiences. Good luck!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Failing is a reminder that you should do better

I had just competed for 2 contests this Thursday and Friday and won nothing. Of course my initial reaction to this would be disappointment and loneliness. Though time I realized that this is just a challenge for me so that I could do better and push myself more. I noticed that I have been laid back and distracted this month and I think I should regain control of my life again. Somehow I feel like my life is getting unstable and I should control it. I should focus on my priorities and goals more.

I know that everyday at least 1 person feels like a failure and it's perfectly normal. Everyone has their ups and downs but we should know how to get up and deal with it. There's no use in dwelling on the past mistakes we've done, all we could do is stand up and learn from it. With this, I listed 3 things that you should do if you feel like a failure.

1. Improve, improve, improve
  • Learn from those mistakes you made and do your best to gather more information and inspirations to improve your work.

2. Dwelling on it won't help

  • Why dwell on the past and hurt yourself emotionally when you could make things better with your goal in mind? Always think of the present my friend. 

3. Don't give up

  • You're gonna give up on your goals just because of one mistake that happened? Think about it. This is what you want and all the effort you're going to give is gonna be worth it. Do this for yourself. Do this because it's your passion. 
You can do it! (Here's a photo of me with my band mates, I'm thankful that I'm part of this) 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Step back and Retreat

I have been gone for awhile and I used that time to reflect and think about things. I cannot share positivity if I myself am unhappy. Things were unclear for me for the past few weeks and I needed time to reflect. All the sorrow and doubt ended after our retreat. Everything was clear for me after our retreat, when we chose to let go of the resistance and have faith that everything is possible with patience and perseverance. We left all our problems in the retreat house.

So why do we need to retreat after some time? The world is a battlefield. We are the soldiers and it's impossible that there wouldn't be challenges given to us. There will always be problems to encounter. Like soldiers, when they feel like things are getting messed up, they retreat and go back when they're ready. In life, we need to step back and look at things clearly. We shouldn't force things to be fixed when we don't fully understand the situation. We need to give ourselves time and space to reflect in life.

In this post, I'd like to share to you what happened in pictures and captions.

Here's a picture of our whole section. I'm glad we're complete. (I'm the one wearing the light blue jacket). They're really kind and fun to be with even though we have the nerd stereotype.

The retreat started by introducing ourselves and grouping ourselves into 5 randomly. Our team name was "Capteam America" since the guy in the middle is addicted to everything that's Captain America. I believe that there's a reason why we're groupmates. All throughout the retreat, we shared everything within our group. We affirmed each other, listened to each other and comforted each other. Everything each other said was respected. 

Here's me with my bestfriend for 5 years already. I trust her so much in everything. I'm so thankful that she's my friend. She always listens to me and she's always there for me. I seriously love her so much. 

I'm so thankful to have friends like them because whenever I'm down, the never fail to make me happy. They're always there for me and I won't ever forget them even after I graduate high school. 

That's the only pictures I've gathered but the retreat house was so magical and I'm in love with it. Everything was like a video game. The chapel was so pretty and the wind was so gentle and calm. The stars were so wonderful and I wanted to be there forever. More retreats to come! 

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

How I express myself

credits to tumblr

Hey guys, I think I already mentioned before that I really like singing in my past time and I wanted to share to you where I upload my covers. Here's a link to my youtube channel (most of the videos were uploaded 2 years ago but I uploaded one recently): My channel
Here's the link to my soundcloud account (I mostly upload when I'm bored) : My SC 

I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions, feel free to comment it down below. Thank you so much! I also take requests if you want me to sing something.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Always Strive to Improve Yourself

Don't just stand there and do nothing about your life.

Strive to be better than the person you were yesterday. Even though you already excel on what you do, strive to be better than that. If you're in square one, it doesn't matter, start all over again and learn from your mistakes. Learn from the pain you feel. The pain makes you stronger. Life is short and what we have to do is live every second of it and use these times very wisely. Refuse to waste time by having a negative view on life. Do everything to die successful. Make your existence worthy. Make a mark on this world. Love yourself, love everything. Refuse to give in to your problems or on the challenges life give to us. Strive to grow everyday and never give up. You're gonna be the best. 

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happiness Starts With You

I'm choosing happiness today.

It's funny how I thought that being happy was an easy thing. It's really difficult because everyone face challenges. I became one of those people who couldn't get away from their bed thinking of how they wish everything was a dream. I felt the weakness of my body because I was very crushed inside. I saw everything as gray and I envied everyone who were happy because I was one of them before. Life makes you spin with joy but it also makes you fall and all you have to do is stand back and regain your balance. It may be hard but trust me, everything's gonna be alright. 

Here's 5 facts and tips that will cheer you up:
  1. Everything is possible, just believe. The believers are the ones who attain their goals. Someone tried to let you down? Stand up and prove to them they're wrong. Use their criticism as your inspiration. Everything you can imagine may happen. Just believe.  
  2. Crying releases the pain. Find a private place and cry it all out until the pain has decreased. It will surely help. Don't pretend that you're happy if you're not. Release the negativity first then work on making yourself happy again. 
  3. Don't dwell in the past. It hurts I know, but there's nothing you can do to bring back time. All we have to do is to release the negativity through time because time can heal all wounds. Hurting yourself or ruining yourself because of the past won't help. Accept everything and work to improve yourself more.
  4. Writing your feelings releases it. Go on and write all the pain on a notebook. Don't read it. Just keep on writing until the pain decreased. 
  5. Everything will be alright in the end. It's impossible to be lonely for the rest of your life. Life isn't that rude. Time, time can heal all wounds and without even realizing it, you're gonna be happy again.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

State of Depression

Vanillant is a blog of positivity and happiness... The author must be happy and promote happiness... but she can't follow the advice she gives. I have been depressed for the past few weeks because of personal problems and I admit, I felt like I wanted to die in order to escape all my problems. I know it's wrong, but I'm sick enough to think it's right. This is the reason why I have been gone for a lot of weeks. I try to be happy with the little things that make me happy but I can't be anymore. I want to smile like I used to before but nothing feels right anymore. I read a lot of articles but I can't seem to follow them anyway. I feel like I'm wasting all my time when I should be happy... but how can I be happy? In the past few days, I try to believe that the storm will pass and a rainbow will appear. I'm the only one who could mend myself now.

I'll start posting again when I'm okay.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Learn to appreciate

This is a simple post. No blog techniques or anything involved. It's just me regretting the things I've done for the past few weeks. This blog is a positivity blog and the blogger has been very negative lately. It's been three weeks that I didn't care about my reputation anymore because I was drenched in sorrow all over. I feel very negative from head to toe because when I was too busy appreciating everything, I neglected the man I love so much, my boyfriend. I didn't appreciate him. My pride was always too high. This fight made our relationship very fragile. It almost ended last week. My boyfriend got tired of his efforts on me so he changed and became very cold to me. He tells me he still loves me but he couldn't go back to the happy man he used to be. I broke his trust, now I can't get it back. He tells me that if he'd go back to the happy man he was, I might neglect him again because I always did that before. Now that I'm willing to change, there's no more chances. So please, appreciate the ones you love. Please put this short block of text on your mind because losing the one you love so much would really hurt. The pain is greater than getting injured or punched or whatever. It would make you cry every single night. Joseph, if you're reading this. I'm sorry. I know that I said it a million times that you might not believe that it's from my heart. I'm sorry that it's too late. I wish I appreciated you way back before. It hurts that I can't do anything to get you back. Time will heal you. I hope you know that I really love you, I really do. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 Simple DIY Gifts

I know It's too late but it was my birthday last July 4 (yes, independence day) and my birthday's one day after my boyfriend's so I decided to make him a gift. It was simple but he really liked it... Guess what it is... The undying cliche handmade card. I seldom give gifts that are not handmade because I believe that if you give something, you must give effort because it shows that you care for the person you will give the gift to... or is it just me? Okay, okay, enough with the talking. Here's 5 simple DIY gifts that you could give to the person you love or cherish... ready?

  • Paper Stars

Paper stars are very adorable and is very suitable for your best friend! It's really nice in their bedroom and the thought that you spent time to make those paper stars makes them feel appriciated. Here's the tutorial on how to make those.

  • Loom Bands

The loom bands are very mainstream right now. Loom bands made with love beats anything. Everytime the receiver wears the gift you gave them, they remember you. There are a lot of loom band pattern tutorials out there, go google it! 

  • Letters\Greeting Cards 

The never ending letters, nothing beats handwritten letters from the heart. Express yourself and what you feel about a person with a pen and some stationary. Maybe make several letters and let them read it when they're sad, happy, missing someone or etc. 

Greeting cards are common in any occasion. Why not use your creative skills and make handmade cards or use your photoshop skills and print it out on paper?

  • Origami Flowers

This thing is so sweet. Instead of buying read flowers, make them. Seriously, if I would receive something like this then I'd be super flattered. Here's a tutorial on how to make paper tulips (though I prefer daisies/sunflowers lol)

  • Handmade Posters 

Everytime the person sees the poster you made, they will remember you and the effort you made into doing it. Why not put some sweet quotes or maybe a drawing?

Thank you for reading this post. Hope it helped! Comment below if you want to swap buttons or follow back on bloglovin' or GFC. 

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Relax your mind after Work!

very, very exhausted

Yes, I've been gone for a while and I'm sorry for being too selfish because lately I have been posting too much about myself. Here comes another one, but a lot of people experience this so they may relate to it in some ways. The second week of school just ended, and it sucks because I'm already stressed. I'm sick right now because of reasons. We were filled with homeworks (I luckily finished a while ago) and one complicated project which is really difficult to do and to be passed on Wednesday and it's Sunday now. I have classes on Monday and Tuesday and there may be a lot of homeworks given to us. Sometimes there are too much things to do that you just stare and feel the throbbing of your temples. Okay, too much of my story. I'm here to help you relax your mind after a hard day's work or in between tasks. Ready?

1.Breathe in, Breathe out 

This really helps in order for your mind to relax. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly, until you feel calm. 

2. Stretch

Notice that people stretch when they're tired? Tensing your muscles and relaxing them may help your mind focus and relax a little more. It alters the mental state. It helps I promise.

3. Drink water

Being dehydrated may be the cause of your drowsiness. Remember, 75% of our body is composed of water. Do you really think your mind can function if you're dehydrated?

4. Eat something 

You may be hungry. The mind doesn't function properly if you're hungry. The nutrients and energy we get are all from food. If you're not that hungry but need something to make you relaxed, try nuts or dark chocolates. These foods decrease anxiety and increases serotonin. Don't eat junk foods because it makes you bloated and drowsy.

5. Drink warm liquids 

Hot drinks relieve tension and stress. Try green tea and hot milk. It really helps you calm down. I suggest drinking this before sleeping because it really aids in having a good night sleep.

6. Hobbies 

Doing things simply because you want to relaxes your mind and at the same time improves your skills. You may be good in painting or writing. This depends on the individual. People who take time for the things they love to do are the happy people. 

7. Listen to Calming music 

This is best when you're lying down. Maybe play instrumentals on You may visualize relaxing things like a lake or the cherry blossoms. Avoid negative emotions.

8. Cuddle your animals 

Your furry little animals are your best friends so seeing them or playing with them may decrease stress. A cute little animal is never a bad idea. 

9. Take a warm bath 

You see those movies or TV shows where people soak in bathtubs with bubbles and rose petals? it helps. Maybe listening to calming music while in the bath is fun too? or candles for an irresistible aroma? It's up to you!

10. Avoid Social Media 

Seeing the woman who everyone has a crush on posting a new profile picture is not gonna help. This may ruin your self-esteem and increase your stress levels. The instagram photo of your batchmate touring Japan? not gonna help. The thing about social media is that it ruins the contentment of an individual, and that not good. 

I hope these tips helped you. See you next time. Please don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' or Google friend connect on the sidebar. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Bye!
(all photos from tumblr)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The new schedule & My reactions

This is a photo of my schedule, and I don't know what to feel about it.

Our school has changed a lot since the past president was replaced. Not only the tradition of our school which was replaced by the house system was changed, but also the schedule. I never even experienced 2 math periods in one day and most of all, 2 science classes and 2 math classes together in one day. Almost all of the major subjects have 2 periods taken in one day too. Imagine all of the stress packed in one day. It made me hate Mondays more and more. Not only that. Notice that Science is always the first period? Great way to start the day with Physics, no?  I didn't notice that there was no TLE (Home economics) in the schedule until my friend told me... I wonder how we're gonna prepare for our entrep program. 

Yes, the schedule is stressful and hard to cope up with but I couldn't take the fact that we have to go home at 3:50 PM on Thursdays which means that we can't go home together with the other sections because they have a different schedule to go home at 3:50 PM. 

Despite the cons of the schedule, I think that the best day is Friday since we have a lot of extracurricular to do and stop murdering our minds (lol). Friday is the house day and we get to bond with people of different batches. I personally like my house because the people are kind there. There's also gonna be a Cultural activity wherein we could express our talents through stage plays. We could also gain incentives by joining this.The downside of joining the Cultural activity is that we can't join any clubs, but that's okay for me. 

So guys, what do you feel about your schedules? Feel free to comment below for your responses. 
P.S. Philippines' school starts on June 


(and yes, she's leading the balloons)

I wanted to be a leader since I was in elementary because I always thought that the concept of leading and being brave for your group to be better is cool. I idolized Miyazaki Ayuzawa (from Maid-sama) too and copied her every move. I wished that a man would save me too, like what happened to Ayuzawa, and it happened. But now, I'm really nervous because this is the first time I'm ever going to lead a group, or should I say, a team. I'm a senior, which means that I'm capable to lead the lower batches. My every move could influence them. I could Acknowledge them. I could teach them. However, if anything goes wrong, then I am to blame. This is what I am afraid of. Vanillant, what happened then? It started like this...

There was this new system applied to our school, that is, the house system. This is where everyone is divided into groups (in our case, 12 groups) with members from different year levels. These are the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and of course us, the seniors. I was appointed as the temporary leader of the group on the first day of classes (because my name was the first one on the org list). I felt really nervous too. Then the day came, it was election day yesterday. I was nominated for president (chancellor) and vice president (deputy-chancellor). I wanted to be the vice president because they usually just assist the president and I think it's the easiest thing to do (lol). I told my batchmates to vote me as deputy chancellor and I ended up winning both. Of course, you should choose the higher position. I had to compete with my classmate for the President place and I'm surprised I won. I think I was blushing yesterday, because that was the first time that happened to me... and I'm honestly very happy. I want to thank everyone who voted me. I want to hug 'em all (jk).

Being the leader, will be a very tough responsibility. I'm gonna do my best to not let my housemates down. This is my first time being a big-time leader, but I wanna show them I can be a great one. I think this school year will be a challenging year, but a fun one.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unfair people

thanks, google images

I had a very fine day today and I participated a lot in class. I really love my new set of teachers and it really hypes me up. I honestly love the setup of the classrooms too, because it gives the new vibes. I feel that this school year will be even better! Then, here comes the "imperfect" part of the day.

We were on the line with my boyfriend (we had to list our names to be able to go out and commute). Suddenly, the "friends" of my boyfriend suddenly tells him to write their names when they should really line up and wait for their turn. It's really unfair for the people who lined up. I got annoyed by the fact that my boyfriend actually said yes when what all his "friends" do is joke around and not be serious about anything, they don't even add him to their group of friends who go together at lunch and recess. They really think they're cool when it doesn't really help them in the future. It really pissed me off and I ended up getting angry at him again but then eventually, making up.

The lesson I want you guys to know is that, you're living the real life and you should experience what it feels like to wait and be patient. The people around you are gonna use you and it's your choice on how to deal with it. Be wise and don't be an underdog, please.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The First Day

At the end of the day, it was okay.

Changes, there were too many changes. The school we once knew changed and everyone was complaining because they didn't want to embrace it. I honestly don't know what to feel... There were some things that were positive and negative about the changes. I try to embrace the change because you never know what will happen if you never take a chance. I think it's wrong to think ahead before you experience things because you might end up swallowing your words. The new system also could make you new friends from other year levels which is an advantage.

I was in the same class (star section) as usual and everyone were always the same for the past 3 years and I wanted change somehow to experience new things from other students. There's a bad attutude in the star section that I can't somehow distinguish. I had a new hair do and all of the people who criticized my hair was from the star section that left me insecure (I have been insecure with my hair since I was born idk haha). I hope we have great teachers who don't leave you behind unlike some teachers who are very biased (one teacher from last year... oops sorry!). 

We had an activity in physical education which was the pik pak boom game where you have to test your focusing skills, reaction time and etc. (it was really fun).

I had a fight with my boyfriend because I was more concious of his grades than him because I want him to go to the same college as me... I kept nagging him to stop playing videogames and focus on studying... I ended getting mad at him because I feel that my effort of helping him is neglected. Yes, I really have a hard time connecting to boys, I'm sorry. He's also classmates with his ex which makes me a little bit worried but I really trust him though.

All in all, this day was very tiring and kind of sad but I'm really contented. Nothing's perfect right? Have a great day! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Bloglovin' Site and its Importance

I decided to make a blog because I was inspired by an anime which was the Polar bear cafe because the penguin there had a blog and I decided to make one. I also saw blogs made by my classmates and they made blogs which were personal or review blogs. I wonder how I would let my readers follow me or keep track of my account. I noticed that people don't open their e-mails that much (in our age) so I didn't put the "follow by typing e-mail here" gadget. I tried adding a google friend connect gadget on my sidebar, but still, no luck. Then, one day, I saw the sidebar of my classmate which had a "bloglovin" gadget and I wonder what it did and I made an account there. Here's what made me pleased.

  1. Keeping in Track 
  2. In Bloglovin' when you follow your favorite blogs, you can see their newest posts on your dashboard. You could also save their pages by liking them. It's really organized too because you can see if the post is unread or read. You could also monitor your blog activities (if someone followed you or liked your post on a click of a button)
  3. Easy Viewing 
  4. The layout of bloglovin' is very convenient. The font is really readable, the site layout is very clean which makes you want to read as much as possible.
  5. Blog Promoting 
  6. You may want to show your blog around to many bloggers there by describing your blog and following people. It also displays your newest posts and it allows people to like it or share it.
  7. Similar Blogs
  8. The thing I like the most in Bloglovin' is that you can follow blogs with the simliar content of the chosen blog. If you're viewing a food blog, you could see similar blogs by just a click of a button.
  9. Increased SEO 
  10. Bloglovin' may increase your blog popularity on google or any search engines. This causes more viewers to go to your blog and share your posts so this is very important last but not the least;
  11. Application
  12. Bloglovin' has a phone application that makes you read blog posts anywhere where there's wifi and when you're just chilling there lazily and you don't wanna bring your laptop around with you, you can scan blogs.
Hope this helped you! See you again soon!

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My childhood and The Sims 4!!!

(Image from Google Images)

I'm such a Sims fan (since childhood) and as you can see I'm so excited for the Sims 4 pc release on September 4! According to the producers, the game improved so much and the sims became smarter. You could customize your characters easier and it's funny how the producer made a sim look like him exactly as seen in this video.You have variety of movements, voices and etc. added too! Another improvement is that you could build your house easier and that's what I like the most. I'm not a builder type of person so I'm very impatient with making houses. Though, I also want a nice house. You could make a very nice house by just clicking and dragging in a few minutes as seen in this video. The Sims became more emotionally smarter and this video is the cutest thing ever! (about a sim becoming a happy man because of a girl).It's funny how I'm so excited for its release but I think I'm gonna buy it after I graduate college because I need to focus on studying and I can't afford to be addicted to it. It's kinda sad but someday I could play it with my special someone.

I'm gonna share to you my sims "journey" since I was a child to show you how I loved sims so much.

I have Sims 3 on my laptop right now and I had the worst experience with it because I didn't save the file and I accidentally kicked the plug. I had so much progress... and because of that incident I almost cried. Instead, I just erased the save file and did not play it again and swore to play it in the future and make a new family.

I have a PS2 that my parents gave to me as a gift when I was in preschool (I think) and I bought a Sims Bustin' Out cd because the cover looked good (honestly). I really had fun with it and always played with my first cousin. It makes me cry when I get fired in my job. I then bought the Sims 2 (The most difficult), the Sims 2 Castaway, the Urbz Sims in the city (my favorite), The Sims 2 Pets and finally, The Sims (1) which always gets sold out everywhere so it's the last one I bought.

I also have a PSP which had the Sims 2 (which has so much memories I crie), The Sims 2 Pets and The Sims Castaway (I never touched yet). The Sims Bustin out in Gameboy was the worst because I couldn't save my progress ever. I played the Sims 2 in the emulator and I never finished.

My DS had a lot of the Sims games starting from My Sims (which was the cutest yet I forgot about as time passed by), The Sims 2 (which was very challenging but interesting), The Sims 2 (you'd become a vet), The Sims Castaway (I never touched again) and The Sims Urbz (which was the hardest, trust me). I could have completed the collection if only my DS didn't break (the 2 screens got seperated).

I miss the sims so much and it's very important for me because it reminds me of my cousin and my childhood but I'm growing up now and I have to stop playing that much, someday I'll play again though. Guys, share with us what reminds you of your childhood in the comment section below!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Notebook and Book Labels

(I made these using backgrounds I found from google images and tumblr) 

In the Philippines, we start classes in June. We're gonna start school at June 18 and it's near and I have to get ready. I made four tags as you can see. I'm gonna put my name there (ofcourse). I just wrote the name tag themes. 
  1. The heart theme has a pastel pink color that I really loved. (my favorite color's pink teehee)
  2. The vanillant theme is what you can see on my header. I really love balloons and I always think of freedom when I see one.
  3. Everybody loves pizza. Enough said.
  4. Vanillant promotes positivity and happiness. Sunshining theme is based on happiness and sunshine.
I'm really nervous to go back to school because I'm gonna see the people who always make fun of me and my fake friends... I'm also pressured because I'm in the star section and the aura in the room is very competitive and everyone laughs at you when you commit mistakes. I think the 4th year is going to be difficult too because of physics and etc. I just have to be hardworking and stop slacking off...

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Sad days will come

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."-Isaac Newton

Yes, you're a happy person and you do good all the time, but that won't prevent something bad from happening to you. It may reduce the level of badness that may happen to you though. So I tell you, doing good and being positive still matters. You see my friend, life is like a wheel, sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down so just keep your cool and deal with it.

The past days have been such a joy, until Friday came. Yes, I know it's ironic to be sad on a Friday but certain things just happened. Instead of keeping the sadness to myself, I released it by not talking that much (when I'm normal, I talk a lot) and just focusing on one thing. Listening to music, telling my boyfriend and blogging my feelings out really did help too. You should always be honest to yourself and your feelings in order to eliminate the sadness. You shouldn't hide it because it will become worse. Yesterday, my internet went on and off an I got really pissed but I tried to become patient and accept it. I decided to give it a chance since the whole summer, I had very nice internet connection and speed so I shouldn't complain. Today, the internet's working well again, (well at least).

Everyone, sad and bad things really do come and it's natural. Life would be boring if challenges weren't presented to you. Just handle this thing properly. To sum all up, remember to do this things when you're sad.
  1. Exhale anger and frustration by expressing it to objects or writing or seeking help from a friend. Also you may rant to them. URGENT: Do not ever get angry at the people who did not even do anything mean to you just because of your mood. They don't deserve to be treated like that. If they joke around with you then tell them that you're "not in the mood" or "maybe next time".
  2. Listen to good music (avoid sad music) or do something that you're passionate about. Fill yourself up with good thoughts and never give up!
  3. Get back on track and don't let them bring you down. Ever. Avoid things/people you're not comfortable with, reminds you of sadness or downers.
You're bigger than your problems. Hope this helped!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Going to the church

(This picture is from uberinspiration, credits to the owner, please comment below if you want this picture taken down) 

Disclaimer: This is not to attract you to become a non-believer. I am only stating my experiences. I also respect what you believe in and do not contradict that. I have no intentions of arguing with you.

I started not believing in God or Jesus when I was in the 2nd year of high school. I was a miserable sad kid who was drowned by society. Nobody loved me and I did not get what I wanted to have. Nobody liked me and always rejected me. I wondered why all the prayers I sent did not happen at all. One day, I was struggling with studying for my test, so instead I searched a way to attract my desires. It was stated there that you should believe in what you want to achieve and stop being a negative person. There were also a lot of people who improved by this (based on testimonies). I'm a person who loves reading self-help stuff so I kept researching and I saw stuff about the world. I used the information I have gathered and it built me to become more mature and to easily handle the things with positivity and good morals. I realized why my prayers did not work, it's because I did not believe in myself. I believe that different religions were made so that you could live the vibrations of the earth and do good. I also think that the rules in the religions are mere guides in order for you to watch your actions and spread out happiness and positivity (ex. The Ten Commandments).

My parents are believers of God and I could not offend them by saying I do not believe in Him. My mom would be sad and I don't want to see her sad so I just go with the flow and follow them in the church's traditions. We go to the church every Sunday morning when I'm reallly tired and restless. My mom would really be sad if I did not go since she prefers going with the family (I'm the only child). I think that the church is really a calm place to visualize. Everyone is focused and no one shows bad motives and actions. Whenever I go to the church, I always think of positive things and things that I want to be in the future. It's like a place for meditation where positive vibes are spread. I may not like to go to the church at first, but I do not regret going. When I get home, I'm really lively and happy as can be. Typical Vanillant.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

The people who don't deserve your attention

(I got this  from tumblr, if you own this and want to take this down then comment below)

Yesterday I went to a friend's house and what we did all day was lie down, gossip, eat and sleep. Most of the time we were just staring at our phones. They were browsing social networking sites while I was playing games on my phone. I noticed that everytime we go there, we always talk about what a girl's wearing and what this guy's life is. They bash them from behind and say who's pretty and not and I just ride along but deep inside I know it's childish. These people that we talk about are gaining attention from us that they don't even deserve to get. Those who take revealing pictures of themselves just to get attention and people who take marijuana or drugs in a very young age just to gain fame. Those who treat people like crap (sorry for the word) just because they want to feel superior. Those who prioritize their appearance before their studies just because they want to be wanted. People are ruining their lives because of fame and that's not important. There are a lot of misfits in the society that gained fame in a righteous way. Right now, the best thing to do is focus on your goals rather than being distracted with these little unnecessary things. Don't be an underdog to people who hurt you and choose to be happy doing the right things. Someday, these people will be forgotten and you'll have the life you deserve. I logged out my twitter on my ipad (and i'm way to lazy to add it again) to prevent stalking people. Whenever I chat in facebook, I focus on the messages than the news feed. In instagram, I unfollowed people who I didn't feel comfortable seeing (yes, you're free to do this) and I don't follow beautiful girls in tumblr because maybe insecurity will strike again. So guys, start now and don't be influenced to do bad stuff just for the sake of fame. okay?
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