Monday, January 5, 2015

2 0 1 5, a year of Contentment

It's finally 2015 and I'd like to congratulate you guys for making it through the challenges last 2014! Yup, there were a lot of fireworks and food but we also have our 10 new year's resolutions (that we usually fail to do) but to simplify things I chose to focus on one value this entire year. That value is contentment. It is said that a person could achieve true happiness if they are contented. It is better to focus on the things we have than to focus on the things that we want to have or do not have. This year, I want to be truly happy and grateful at all times. I'm going to respect everybody and do the right things. I'm going to treasure the things that I have. How about you, what value are you practicing this year? Share it down below so that we could interact.

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