Thursday, March 5, 2015

2 Books I Recommend

I went to fully booked a few days ago and I stumbled up there for about 3 hours and I finished a book. It's really inspirational and could be a guide to start your goals in life or let your creative juices flow. The book is called Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon.

I know the title seems harsh especially because it has the word "steal" on it which is not a nice thing to do. The word "steal" in the book does not mean literally to take something from someone with them being affected but to mix a lot of techniques in order to make your own style. The book points out that nothing is original. To those who are pretty lazy with books, I recommend this to you because I read this one in one seating. It isn't complicated to understand. Another book I'm planning to read (I got a head start and it was pretty good too) is Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon as well.

This book will guide you to apply the things that you learned from Steal Like an Artist. This helps in order for our art to be known and shared. I would like to thank Austin Kleon for his amazing works. I would him to know how helpful he is to a lot of people.

These books inspired me so much because I'm actually keeping track of my life and became more organized. I choose to use my time wisely and strive to get my goals. Tell me if you're planning to read the books. If you read it already, what do you think of it? Are there any similar books you want to recommend? Comment below!

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    1. Thank you Victoria! I'll include this in my blog and i'll surely add you. :)