Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Set them free

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I'm the only child in the family and of course it's natural to have overprotective parents. It would be tragic for them to have something unfortunate to happen to their child. Yes, this could also apply to children with siblings.  It's hard to trust people these days especially in the cities because a lot of crimes happen. These happenings are reported in the news so parents can see them. This would naturally give them a feeling of nervousness.

I have experienced circumstances when I had to have a chaperone with me when I'm with my friends and it was a horrible experience for me because I felt immature, innocent and dependent. My friends were all alone and free without anyone hindering them. I was even deprived of commuting home because I might be "kidnapped" by the tricycle driver which really annoyed me. I was really envious of the people who were free to explore and enjoy in the city. In turn, I felt disappointed with my parents because of that attitude.

So if you are a parent, please take time to keep this in mind. Set your child/children free and don't hinder their happiness, especially when they're in the age where they could do things on their own. If they're aged 13 and above they could be taught to be independent. Yes, you could limit your child/children if you think that they are abusing the chances you give them, the people with them are bad influences or you are sure that the place they are going to is unsafe.

Don't overthink that things will happen to them because you will hinder their happiness and make them distant to you, at the same time you will heighten the chances of things happening to them because your thoughts are everything.

Most of all remember: "Overprotective parents raise sneaky children." which is more dangerous.

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