Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 Simple DIY Gifts

I know It's too late but it was my birthday last July 4 (yes, independence day) and my birthday's one day after my boyfriend's so I decided to make him a gift. It was simple but he really liked it... Guess what it is... The undying cliche handmade card. I seldom give gifts that are not handmade because I believe that if you give something, you must give effort because it shows that you care for the person you will give the gift to... or is it just me? Okay, okay, enough with the talking. Here's 5 simple DIY gifts that you could give to the person you love or cherish... ready?

  • Paper Stars

Paper stars are very adorable and is very suitable for your best friend! It's really nice in their bedroom and the thought that you spent time to make those paper stars makes them feel appriciated. Here's the tutorial on how to make those. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Puffy-Origami-Star

  • Loom Bands

The loom bands are very mainstream right now. Loom bands made with love beats anything. Everytime the receiver wears the gift you gave them, they remember you. There are a lot of loom band pattern tutorials out there, go google it! 

  • Letters\Greeting Cards 

The never ending letters, nothing beats handwritten letters from the heart. Express yourself and what you feel about a person with a pen and some stationary. Maybe make several letters and let them read it when they're sad, happy, missing someone or etc. 

Greeting cards are common in any occasion. Why not use your creative skills and make handmade cards or use your photoshop skills and print it out on paper?

  • Origami Flowers

This thing is so sweet. Instead of buying read flowers, make them. Seriously, if I would receive something like this then I'd be super flattered. Here's a tutorial on how to make paper tulips (though I prefer daisies/sunflowers lol)  http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-tulip.html

  • Handmade Posters 

Everytime the person sees the poster you made, they will remember you and the effort you made into doing it. Why not put some sweet quotes or maybe a drawing?

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