Saturday, June 28, 2014

Relax your mind after Work!

very, very exhausted

Yes, I've been gone for a while and I'm sorry for being too selfish because lately I have been posting too much about myself. Here comes another one, but a lot of people experience this so they may relate to it in some ways. The second week of school just ended, and it sucks because I'm already stressed. I'm sick right now because of reasons. We were filled with homeworks (I luckily finished a while ago) and one complicated project which is really difficult to do and to be passed on Wednesday and it's Sunday now. I have classes on Monday and Tuesday and there may be a lot of homeworks given to us. Sometimes there are too much things to do that you just stare and feel the throbbing of your temples. Okay, too much of my story. I'm here to help you relax your mind after a hard day's work or in between tasks. Ready?

1.Breathe in, Breathe out 

This really helps in order for your mind to relax. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly, until you feel calm. 

2. Stretch

Notice that people stretch when they're tired? Tensing your muscles and relaxing them may help your mind focus and relax a little more. It alters the mental state. It helps I promise.

3. Drink water

Being dehydrated may be the cause of your drowsiness. Remember, 75% of our body is composed of water. Do you really think your mind can function if you're dehydrated?

4. Eat something 

You may be hungry. The mind doesn't function properly if you're hungry. The nutrients and energy we get are all from food. If you're not that hungry but need something to make you relaxed, try nuts or dark chocolates. These foods decrease anxiety and increases serotonin. Don't eat junk foods because it makes you bloated and drowsy.

5. Drink warm liquids 

Hot drinks relieve tension and stress. Try green tea and hot milk. It really helps you calm down. I suggest drinking this before sleeping because it really aids in having a good night sleep.

6. Hobbies 

Doing things simply because you want to relaxes your mind and at the same time improves your skills. You may be good in painting or writing. This depends on the individual. People who take time for the things they love to do are the happy people. 

7. Listen to Calming music 

This is best when you're lying down. Maybe play instrumentals on You may visualize relaxing things like a lake or the cherry blossoms. Avoid negative emotions.

8. Cuddle your animals 

Your furry little animals are your best friends so seeing them or playing with them may decrease stress. A cute little animal is never a bad idea. 

9. Take a warm bath 

You see those movies or TV shows where people soak in bathtubs with bubbles and rose petals? it helps. Maybe listening to calming music while in the bath is fun too? or candles for an irresistible aroma? It's up to you!

10. Avoid Social Media 

Seeing the woman who everyone has a crush on posting a new profile picture is not gonna help. This may ruin your self-esteem and increase your stress levels. The instagram photo of your batchmate touring Japan? not gonna help. The thing about social media is that it ruins the contentment of an individual, and that not good. 

I hope these tips helped you. See you next time. Please don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' or Google friend connect on the sidebar. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Bye!
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  1. I love this post! ;A; Thank you for all of these tips~ I'll be sure to try them all out the next time I'm feeling stressed or down.
    --Kiyomi xx

  2. Thank you Kiyomi! because you checked my blog, i'll check yours too! xx

  3. I just.. need this to read this entry for all my life! I need to change some bad habbits ^^

    I totally loved your blog and actually reccommended it on mine ^^
    Follow you now♥ could u follow me back please?

    I do reviews and make up, mostly about Asian cosmetics♥


    1. Thank you so much Minori! I am surely going to follow you. This means so much to me! Thank you so much.