Thursday, December 17, 2015

I made it!

(grabbed a photo ftom weheartit)

Finally! The term is finished. Actually the term finished a week ago but I figured that I should revive my blog. I haven't blogged since college started. I had little time to do things and it lessened much more because I'm not used to managing my time just yet. I had troubles on the first months of college because I was adjusting to the system. I had failed tests and I wasn't used to the professors yet. Some nights I stayed up crying because I didn't like my course at all and I wish I could've done well in the entrance exams. I ended up in one of the top universities in the Philippines but not my dream course. 

I decided that I should change my mindset. Maybe I wasn't excelling in my course because it was buried in my mind that I didn't like it. I tried to cope up by giving my best in everything I'm doing and it worked! I'm part of the dean's list for the first term. 

Another sad thing that happened is that I didn't get in the singing club of the university. I wasn't used to it and I felt really sad. I used to be associated with music in my school but in my university, it changed. However, I heard that in that club, you get to go home at 10 PM every time there are important events or rehearsals. I don't have a condo near my university so I have to travel for 1 hour and not get enough sleep. I realized that it was a blessing in disguise. Maybe why I wasn't chosen to be part of the group is because I had to focus on my academics, family and friends. 

In this term, I learned that I should see the good in everything and believe that everything happens for a reason

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  1. Hey! I haave missed you and your blog so much! I hope you stick around for a while :) College does not sound like some thing I will be looking forward too! To much work and not enough time for myself and blogging.. :/ Mindset can change a lot of things.