Thursday, February 25, 2016

Preppy Casual

Preppy Casual

made in Polyvore
Pastel Pink Button Down Shirt

- a simple button down shirt that's enough to cover your bottom (of course it wouldn't be modest if you wear a short top with leggings)
- pastel pink is very suiting to the eye and is a preppy color
                - this makes a conservative and feminine look

Black Leggings

- a very comfortable piece of clothing that you can dress up and dress down to
- remember to wear a long top while wearing this
- black makes your legs look thinner

Pointed Black Mary Js

- makes an illusion of longer legs because of the pointed front which serves as an extension of the leg
                - a pointed front never fails to look classy 

Pearl Earrings

- these earrings put an elegant touch to the preppy casual outfit
- you could never go wrong on wearing pearl studs

- smart look, enough said

This is the first fashion post I have ever made. I'm just starting out with this so please don't expect me to make complicated fashion sets yet. I'll probably focus on what I usually wear at school and then I'll be putting sophisticated classy looks next. Please give this a chance!

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  1. Adorable. If only I had the time to dress this nice

  2. It's really quick and easy and I bet it would suit you!