Thursday, March 3, 2016

Save Money for Your Future Self

grabbed from vocalady magazine

Save money for your future self, who is indeed wiser and knows how to spend money well. Don't be regretful of putting your spare coins in the piggy bank or depositing your money in the bank. Just a little bit is enough and go a long way. Share to your future self who won't buy 5 tops that are really cheap. It won't be worn too much because it wasn't really that wanted and its fabric doesn't feel comfortable. Your future self won't buy the overpriced breakfast meal that had little servings which didn't fill her at all. In addition to that, your future self probably won't get the cheap dresses that don't fit well. She won't get that makeup line that made her skin breakout or get that nail polish that chips of easily. He won't buy those overpriced and overrated shoes that people will probably get tired of. She won't buy too much desserts that she won't finish. He won't waste his money on the girl who's probably going to friend zone him. So please, please give your future self some spare cash to spend. He/she would probably spend it well.

** A very short blog post I apologize. You probably see the gist of what I said so why does it matter anyway? Just kidding. Have a happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. I need to do this. I always get money and keep it in the bank but thats different than saving for yourself