Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Planner

(grabbed from google images)

It’s New year tomorrow so I'm guessing that most of you have your planners already. The image above is what my planner looks like.

Let me tell you what factors I’ve considered when buying my planner. (You can use this as a basis for choosing yours too)
  • It’s light and simple. In my case, I prefer florals to compliment my journal so I bought the floral designed one. There’s also a choice of buying a plain journal but the same type of material for it.
  • It’s cheap! I bought mine for 3.20 dollars only compared to the other journals. 
  • It’s hard bound which makes the pages well protected It has 2 divisions, one for daily tasks and for the overall tasks. 
  • It has a big space to write on which is compatible for college (I expect a lot of schoolworks). 
  • It can be converted to a bullet journal. 
Okay, here’s where the “bullet journal” comes in, It’s an organized way to add tasks to your planner and it can also make your planner more useful. It was developed by Ryder Carroll for 20 years!!! It’s best if I just link the official site so you would understand how the bullet journal works.

I will be posting the progress of my journal on December 2016… I hope I could finish it!!!

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