Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015 Wish list (Way too late)

(All images grabbed from weheartit and google images)

Guess what, yesterday I got one of the things I wanted in my list and it’s a Macbook Air from my parents!!! I wanted an ASUS Zenbook but then it wasn’t available in the PH yet… But I’m really happy that I finally got my own laptop (not secondhand) after 123123123 years!!!

I know it’s waaay too late to post my wish list but I wanted to keep track of it and see if I can actually buy it before next year ends. I also saw various bloggers posting their wish list so I figured that it would be a fun thing to do as well.

I don’t have Adobe Photoshop for Mac so I figured that I should just post sample pictures here.

  1. Hard drive - I need a portable hard drive for all my movies and files so that the memory of the laptop won’t be all consumed. 

  2. Iphone - My Samsung phone is getting very old and slow (My phone for 4 years). I also think that the functions of the phone will really help in my blogging and social media tracking. I think it will also be handy. I could also snap everywhere I go. I couldn’t send snaps in snapchat when I’m outside because the Ipad is very heavy to carry around. Also, VSCO will be easier to use. Expect better quality photos in my blog!!! (Thank God I won’t be grabbing photos online that much.) 

  3. Polaroid - I think that experiences will be more memorable if it’s documented by printed pictures than digitally. It’s nice to stick the pictures in the walls of the room or put the pictures in your journal or planner. 

  4. Bluetooth Speakers - It’s a nice way to listen to music when showering, working out or when you’re chilling in the room. I’m fond of listening to soft music when reading manga, writing, or doing home works. It would be good if it’s speakers that you use instead of earphones so it won’t damage your ears and you can move freely in your room without having cords dangling around you. 

  5. Glasses - My eye’s are kinda blurry when the text is far away so I requested my parents to buy me reading glasses. I won’t wear it permanently but only when I’m reading or doing home works. 

  6. Tennis skirt - I am in loooove with tennis skirts but I can’t seem to see one in the Philippines. When I see one, I will surely grab myself a white and black one immediately. 

What is in your wish list? Make sure to link it down below so readers could check yours as well. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Even if this is late its a nice little twist to the Christmas list. Your Mac book looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Btw, this is just a grabbed photo from weheartit as stated on the credits hehe, I don't own it!