Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unfair people

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I had a very fine day today and I participated a lot in class. I really love my new set of teachers and it really hypes me up. I honestly love the setup of the classrooms too, because it gives the new vibes. I feel that this school year will be even better! Then, here comes the "imperfect" part of the day.

We were on the line with my boyfriend (we had to list our names to be able to go out and commute). Suddenly, the "friends" of my boyfriend suddenly tells him to write their names when they should really line up and wait for their turn. It's really unfair for the people who lined up. I got annoyed by the fact that my boyfriend actually said yes when what all his "friends" do is joke around and not be serious about anything, they don't even add him to their group of friends who go together at lunch and recess. They really think they're cool when it doesn't really help them in the future. It really pissed me off and I ended up getting angry at him again but then eventually, making up.

The lesson I want you guys to know is that, you're living the real life and you should experience what it feels like to wait and be patient. The people around you are gonna use you and it's your choice on how to deal with it. Be wise and don't be an underdog, please.

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