Friday, June 6, 2014

The people who don't deserve your attention

(I got this  from tumblr, if you own this and want to take this down then comment below)

Yesterday I went to a friend's house and what we did all day was lie down, gossip, eat and sleep. Most of the time we were just staring at our phones. They were browsing social networking sites while I was playing games on my phone. I noticed that everytime we go there, we always talk about what a girl's wearing and what this guy's life is. They bash them from behind and say who's pretty and not and I just ride along but deep inside I know it's childish. These people that we talk about are gaining attention from us that they don't even deserve to get. Those who take revealing pictures of themselves just to get attention and people who take marijuana or drugs in a very young age just to gain fame. Those who treat people like crap (sorry for the word) just because they want to feel superior. Those who prioritize their appearance before their studies just because they want to be wanted. People are ruining their lives because of fame and that's not important. There are a lot of misfits in the society that gained fame in a righteous way. Right now, the best thing to do is focus on your goals rather than being distracted with these little unnecessary things. Don't be an underdog to people who hurt you and choose to be happy doing the right things. Someday, these people will be forgotten and you'll have the life you deserve. I logged out my twitter on my ipad (and i'm way to lazy to add it again) to prevent stalking people. Whenever I chat in facebook, I focus on the messages than the news feed. In instagram, I unfollowed people who I didn't feel comfortable seeing (yes, you're free to do this) and I don't follow beautiful girls in tumblr because maybe insecurity will strike again. So guys, start now and don't be influenced to do bad stuff just for the sake of fame. okay?
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