Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The First Day

At the end of the day, it was okay.

Changes, there were too many changes. The school we once knew changed and everyone was complaining because they didn't want to embrace it. I honestly don't know what to feel... There were some things that were positive and negative about the changes. I try to embrace the change because you never know what will happen if you never take a chance. I think it's wrong to think ahead before you experience things because you might end up swallowing your words. The new system also could make you new friends from other year levels which is an advantage.

I was in the same class (star section) as usual and everyone were always the same for the past 3 years and I wanted change somehow to experience new things from other students. There's a bad attutude in the star section that I can't somehow distinguish. I had a new hair do and all of the people who criticized my hair was from the star section that left me insecure (I have been insecure with my hair since I was born idk haha). I hope we have great teachers who don't leave you behind unlike some teachers who are very biased (one teacher from last year... oops sorry!). 

We had an activity in physical education which was the pik pak boom game where you have to test your focusing skills, reaction time and etc. (it was really fun).

I had a fight with my boyfriend because I was more concious of his grades than him because I want him to go to the same college as me... I kept nagging him to stop playing videogames and focus on studying... I ended getting mad at him because I feel that my effort of helping him is neglected. Yes, I really have a hard time connecting to boys, I'm sorry. He's also classmates with his ex which makes me a little bit worried but I really trust him though.

All in all, this day was very tiring and kind of sad but I'm really contented. Nothing's perfect right? Have a great day! 

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