Monday, June 9, 2014

Sad days will come

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."-Isaac Newton

Yes, you're a happy person and you do good all the time, but that won't prevent something bad from happening to you. It may reduce the level of badness that may happen to you though. So I tell you, doing good and being positive still matters. You see my friend, life is like a wheel, sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down so just keep your cool and deal with it.

The past days have been such a joy, until Friday came. Yes, I know it's ironic to be sad on a Friday but certain things just happened. Instead of keeping the sadness to myself, I released it by not talking that much (when I'm normal, I talk a lot) and just focusing on one thing. Listening to music, telling my boyfriend and blogging my feelings out really did help too. You should always be honest to yourself and your feelings in order to eliminate the sadness. You shouldn't hide it because it will become worse. Yesterday, my internet went on and off an I got really pissed but I tried to become patient and accept it. I decided to give it a chance since the whole summer, I had very nice internet connection and speed so I shouldn't complain. Today, the internet's working well again, (well at least).

Everyone, sad and bad things really do come and it's natural. Life would be boring if challenges weren't presented to you. Just handle this thing properly. To sum all up, remember to do this things when you're sad.
  1. Exhale anger and frustration by expressing it to objects or writing or seeking help from a friend. Also you may rant to them. URGENT: Do not ever get angry at the people who did not even do anything mean to you just because of your mood. They don't deserve to be treated like that. If they joke around with you then tell them that you're "not in the mood" or "maybe next time".
  2. Listen to good music (avoid sad music) or do something that you're passionate about. Fill yourself up with good thoughts and never give up!
  3. Get back on track and don't let them bring you down. Ever. Avoid things/people you're not comfortable with, reminds you of sadness or downers.
You're bigger than your problems. Hope this helped!

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