Saturday, June 7, 2014

Going to the church

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Disclaimer: This is not to attract you to become a non-believer. I am only stating my experiences. I also respect what you believe in and do not contradict that. I have no intentions of arguing with you.

I started not believing in God or Jesus when I was in the 2nd year of high school. I was a miserable sad kid who was drowned by society. Nobody loved me and I did not get what I wanted to have. Nobody liked me and always rejected me. I wondered why all the prayers I sent did not happen at all. One day, I was struggling with studying for my test, so instead I searched a way to attract my desires. It was stated there that you should believe in what you want to achieve and stop being a negative person. There were also a lot of people who improved by this (based on testimonies). I'm a person who loves reading self-help stuff so I kept researching and I saw stuff about the world. I used the information I have gathered and it built me to become more mature and to easily handle the things with positivity and good morals. I realized why my prayers did not work, it's because I did not believe in myself. I believe that different religions were made so that you could live the vibrations of the earth and do good. I also think that the rules in the religions are mere guides in order for you to watch your actions and spread out happiness and positivity (ex. The Ten Commandments).

My parents are believers of God and I could not offend them by saying I do not believe in Him. My mom would be sad and I don't want to see her sad so I just go with the flow and follow them in the church's traditions. We go to the church every Sunday morning when I'm reallly tired and restless. My mom would really be sad if I did not go since she prefers going with the family (I'm the only child). I think that the church is really a calm place to visualize. Everyone is focused and no one shows bad motives and actions. Whenever I go to the church, I always think of positive things and things that I want to be in the future. It's like a place for meditation where positive vibes are spread. I may not like to go to the church at first, but I do not regret going. When I get home, I'm really lively and happy as can be. Typical Vanillant.

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  1. Hey there! My name is Rachel, and I am a believer as well! I just started a blog and I am looking for bloggers to connect with. I have browsed your blog and if you want to give me a follow I'd love it! Great blog, your design is great :)