Saturday, June 21, 2014

The new schedule & My reactions

This is a photo of my schedule, and I don't know what to feel about it.

Our school has changed a lot since the past president was replaced. Not only the tradition of our school which was replaced by the house system was changed, but also the schedule. I never even experienced 2 math periods in one day and most of all, 2 science classes and 2 math classes together in one day. Almost all of the major subjects have 2 periods taken in one day too. Imagine all of the stress packed in one day. It made me hate Mondays more and more. Not only that. Notice that Science is always the first period? Great way to start the day with Physics, no?  I didn't notice that there was no TLE (Home economics) in the schedule until my friend told me... I wonder how we're gonna prepare for our entrep program. 

Yes, the schedule is stressful and hard to cope up with but I couldn't take the fact that we have to go home at 3:50 PM on Thursdays which means that we can't go home together with the other sections because they have a different schedule to go home at 3:50 PM. 

Despite the cons of the schedule, I think that the best day is Friday since we have a lot of extracurricular to do and stop murdering our minds (lol). Friday is the house day and we get to bond with people of different batches. I personally like my house because the people are kind there. There's also gonna be a Cultural activity wherein we could express our talents through stage plays. We could also gain incentives by joining this.The downside of joining the Cultural activity is that we can't join any clubs, but that's okay for me. 

So guys, what do you feel about your schedules? Feel free to comment below for your responses. 
P.S. Philippines' school starts on June 

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