Monday, June 9, 2014

Notebook and Book Labels

(I made these using backgrounds I found from google images and tumblr) 

In the Philippines, we start classes in June. We're gonna start school at June 18 and it's near and I have to get ready. I made four tags as you can see. I'm gonna put my name there (ofcourse). I just wrote the name tag themes. 
  1. The heart theme has a pastel pink color that I really loved. (my favorite color's pink teehee)
  2. The vanillant theme is what you can see on my header. I really love balloons and I always think of freedom when I see one.
  3. Everybody loves pizza. Enough said.
  4. Vanillant promotes positivity and happiness. Sunshining theme is based on happiness and sunshine.
I'm really nervous to go back to school because I'm gonna see the people who always make fun of me and my fake friends... I'm also pressured because I'm in the star section and the aura in the room is very competitive and everyone laughs at you when you commit mistakes. I think the 4th year is going to be difficult too because of physics and etc. I just have to be hardworking and stop slacking off...

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