Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Bloglovin' Site and its Importance

I decided to make a blog because I was inspired by an anime which was the Polar bear cafe because the penguin there had a blog and I decided to make one. I also saw blogs made by my classmates and they made blogs which were personal or review blogs. I wonder how I would let my readers follow me or keep track of my account. I noticed that people don't open their e-mails that much (in our age) so I didn't put the "follow by typing e-mail here" gadget. I tried adding a google friend connect gadget on my sidebar, but still, no luck. Then, one day, I saw the sidebar of my classmate which had a "bloglovin" gadget and I wonder what it did and I made an account there. Here's what made me pleased.

  1. Keeping in Track 
  2. In Bloglovin' when you follow your favorite blogs, you can see their newest posts on your dashboard. You could also save their pages by liking them. It's really organized too because you can see if the post is unread or read. You could also monitor your blog activities (if someone followed you or liked your post on a click of a button)
  3. Easy Viewing 
  4. The layout of bloglovin' is very convenient. The font is really readable, the site layout is very clean which makes you want to read as much as possible.
  5. Blog Promoting 
  6. You may want to show your blog around to many bloggers there by describing your blog and following people. It also displays your newest posts and it allows people to like it or share it.
  7. Similar Blogs
  8. The thing I like the most in Bloglovin' is that you can follow blogs with the simliar content of the chosen blog. If you're viewing a food blog, you could see similar blogs by just a click of a button.
  9. Increased SEO 
  10. Bloglovin' may increase your blog popularity on google or any search engines. This causes more viewers to go to your blog and share your posts so this is very important last but not the least;
  11. Application
  12. Bloglovin' has a phone application that makes you read blog posts anywhere where there's wifi and when you're just chilling there lazily and you don't wanna bring your laptop around with you, you can scan blogs.
Hope this helped you! See you again soon!

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