Wednesday, June 4, 2014

10 Things to do when you're bored

I know everyone of us felt bored in our whole life (of course) and we have nothing to do... I actually read a lot of "what to do when bored" stuff on the internet which were impossible and the other ones just are too zany (no offense!),so I made my own set of things to do when bored that I actually made up myself. It's a coincidence if it matches something on the net. Comment below if you saw something the same.

  1. Get an empty jar or a container and grab spare paper or colored paper to be creative. Make paper stars with the papers. Here's a tutorial: but wait! HERE'S THE TRICK: write the things that you are thankful for on the strips and then fold it. It doesn't matter if the letters come out when you fold. After you're satisfied, put the stars in the jar or container and close it. Whenever you feel sad, open the jar and unfold some stars so that you'll remember the stuff that you're blessed with. This thing is really helpful!
  2. Make a blog (that's what I did) it will really keep you busy and you could spill your thoughts in. You could also devote a little time in the day to contemplate and analyze what you did and what you should've done. You don't know maybe someone relates to you!
  3. Download new music. I always think music is really important for productivity purposes, so why not find a smooth melody to listen to when you're reading or studying? or maybe find songs to listen to when you're taking a shower or just for jams. I recommend finding some in
  4. Suggestion 4 is disgusting (for some I think), sorry. Have drinking water beside you and be sure you're at home. Drink water and when you feel like urinating, urinate and check the color of it. If it's yellowish, drink more water and if it's not the stop. If you feel thirsty, drink again. PRETEND WATER IS ALCOHOL.
  5. Talk to anyone. Seriously, find someone to talk to. This really works well.
  6. Take a nap, this never fails. HERE'S THE TWIST: close your eyes and visualize what you want to do with your life and then slowly, slowly fall asleep. Make sure to set your alarm to wake up on the right time. 
  7. Google yourself and see what you've been up to, and then think of what you want google to show in the future. Do you wanna be a famous musician or a billionaire?
  8. Throw or donate the stuff you don't need. This may be the books you don't read or the clothes you don't wear. Other people might benefit from it. Here's a guide to do it:
  9. Clean your room. You might find the old sweater you lost or the book you wanted to continue. It really does help because when I was cleaning my closet, I discovered a nice combination of clothes. I also arranged it by its color for easier mix and matching.
  10. Write all your dreams in some dreamy little paper and bring it everywhere, everytime you see it, you'll become more determined to reach your goals. 
I didn't really think of this idea but I found it on a website. I think it would be really dreamy and pretty if you built a fort with chairs and a blanket and add some pretty little lights, maybe add a little table to put your laptop on. Add some pillows to make yourself comfortable and grab a bowl of snacks. Maybe invite a friend to watch a movie marathon or some tv shows with you.

Hope this list helped. Have a great day!

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