Sunday, June 1, 2014

The weary first day

Hey, I'm Vanillant and this is the first day of blogging and I experienced the most tiresome way of having a blog. I had a blog on tumblr before so I thought that blogspot had to have a custom css to paste for the layout of the blog, so I had to find a template (what I called theme before) in various sites and I was very shocked to see it had prices that I wasn't used to seeing in tumblr before. I spent so much time finding templates until I found one simple minimal template and I tried it... It looked horrible than the demo, after spending a lot of hours finding a new template, I now discovered that you could customize your own blog by layouts and settings. I spent hours customizing this too... I had no idea how to add stuff to my blog because I wasn't used to it. Before, on tumblr, I just had to type in the description and add some links and I'm all set. In blogspot, I had to search different sites in order to improve my blog. I designed my blog to be pastel colored since I'm fond of soft, faded and rosy colors. The idea of being light and optimistic is the ideal theme of my blog. I'll be blogging often here so that I could keep track of my progress and I hope that I don't abandon this blog like I did to the others. I hope that my effort into making this blog won't come to waste and I could actually benefit from this. Welcome to my blog, wanderer. This is where it all starts.

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