Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't sleep when you're sad

Because the hardest part is waking up and realizing you're not okay. It's the feeling you get that makes you close your eyes and hope that you fall asleep again and forget everything that made you melancholic. The reason why you stay in bed for hours pretending you're asleep when you're not at all. You know that every part of you wants to believe that everything was a mere illusion, instead you feel like you're melting and everything is spiralling around. Setting this aside, you need to wake up and go on with your life pretending to be happy and share happiness when you're not happy at all. The feeling of sadness goes on and on, making you sleep sad everyday and one day you'll realize that everything is a disgrace.

You see, sleep is very powerful and the negativity you take in before you sleep (and you never plan to release) will take over you the next day. This might go on and on until you realize you're sleeping sad everyday and you can't seem to be happy at all. If I were you, don't let the sadness take over you and find a way to turn your sadness around before you fall asleep. Maybe watch your favorite movie or eat your way out to trick your mind into thinking you're not sad at all.

Don't sleep when you're sad
Don't sleep when you feel worthless
Don't sleep when you're depressed
Don't sleep when you're melancholic
Because the hardest part is waking up and realizing you're not okay

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