Friday, June 6, 2014

A true friend is hard to find

There's some people who we encounter in our lives that we think are very compatible with us and will be with us forever. There are some that we hate at first glance but then we get along with them as time comes. I have encountered a lot of people in my life and I had best friends from pre-school, elementary and high school. I thought that they would be there for me forever and we would keep in touch, but as time comes... There's new peer groups formed and people would change due to external forces.
I realized a while ago that some of my friends right now aren't real friends at all because I don't feel comfortable with them, our attitude does not match that much and I can't relate to the things they're interested in. I'm not really bashing them and saying that they're really bad people, but I just don't like the vibe they send out. Sometimes we don't get along and sometimes we do and that's completely natural... but the whole time... I felt really left out.
I met a boy a few years ago and I thought he's really mean, and he said bad things to me and teased me a lot, but I tried to get by and became kind to him. I realized that he wasn't really a mean person and he just had reasons why he was like that. He's now my boyfriend and he's the best friend I ever had in my entire life. The things that I couldn't tell my parents or my girl friends, I told to him and he accepted me for who I am.
Inspired by this, I wrote a guide for people who want to know what a true friend is like:

  1. They won't roll their eyes or call you with funny names when you say something unfamiliar to them or make simple mistakes. They don't treat you as their underdog and think they're superior than you. They don't make fun of you in front of other people not close to them or you. 
  2. They won't use you for their own good. Maybe they want to be friends with you because they want to use your brains for their assignment. They might want your drawing skills for their poster homework in art. 
  3. They won't leave you behind when you're in trouble. You fell face-down and everyone was laughing at you, and she's one of the people laughing. She didn't even bother to help you up. Mean. She told you to sneak out of the house to go with her and your mother catches you. She doesn't care at all. She doesn't deserve to be your friend. 
  4. They won't replace you with someone better. This happened to me and it's sad because she was so fun to talk to. She now found this group of boys and she replaced us. This is really self explanatory.
  5. They won't backstab you. The problem with teenage girls right now is that they backstab each other. Why would you backstab her? Did she do anything wrong to you or are you just jealous? 
  6. They won't steal what's yours. Anything applicable, money, boyfriends, girlfriends or etc. Stealing is bad. 
  7. They won't bring you down. If you see your friend living out her dream then don't do something mean to bring her down just because you're jealous. You're not a real friend at all if you're like that. Also, don't bring her down with the words that you don't think twice about.
Ladies and gentleman, I hope this helped. You need to get what you deserve. Get out of there and find real friends and stop pleasing people who doesn't even treat you right.

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