Sunday, June 1, 2014

The aspirations

As you all know, I made this blog so that I could keep track of my progress in life. Today, I'm currently starting my business by making felt pouches, ribbons and pencil cases. I also started practicing and listening to artists in order to develop my singing voice. Last year was my academic downfall and this school year, I'm gonna make my grades higher again. Next year, I'm gonna be a college student and I need to have high grades and I have to do good in the entrance exams in order to be part of the accounting students in La Salle (a university in the Philippines). In this post I'm about to make a list of what I'm gonna achieve in my life. Don't waste your time Vanillant!

There are 4 aspects of living a balanced life (I searched it in google) I have OCD so I have to arrange the list in categories... Sucks to have OCD.

Professional Health: I'm a high school student so I have to substitute this with studies.

  • I have to have high grades and review for the entrance exams (in the universities) so that I could be a great accountant. CPA.
  • I have to develop my singing skills and be discovered by uploading songs on the internet or auditioning, hopefully someone my teacher knows may invite me...
  • I have to make a lot of products which are rich in quality. I'm making stuff from felt right now and someday it will be a big business with a variety of products to choose from.
Social Health: I learned a lot of lessons in my life about people, who to trust, and the people who you shouldn't even share a secret with. I'm an individual who prefers quality over quantity. I prefer a certain amount of friends than a lot who does not even care about you. Right now, I'm in love with a boy who I consider as my bestest friend in the whole world. I also have 4 closest friends who are girls right now. Of course, my parents are the closest people to me. Trust me people, you won't be successful if you're mean to your parents... So change that! One part of my social health is this blog... hehe.

  • I have to maintain my relationship with him and eventually he's gonna be the boy I will marry 
  • Post in this blog often 
  • Never forget your parents. Ever. 
  • Do not neglect the real friends over people who will walk on you.
Physical Health: This is the thing I'm gonna struggle on because I'm an unathletic person and sports really hate me I guess I have to achieve this when I become mature since I could go to gyms. I think right now, I have to drink plenty of water and eat healthy food... eat unhealthy foods moderately. I have to enjoy being a child first before having really intense exercise. I swear I won't ever be addicted to alcohol and I won't ever ever ever ever bother to try cigarettes and drugs.Another part of this is the physical beauty which I cared a lot about... but now not much... I think?

  • Do not be addicted to alcohol 
  • Do not try cigarettes and drugs 
  • Drink plenty of water and seldom eat unhealthy foods 
  • Go to a gym in the future
  • Always make a way to eliminate pimples and bad smell. Always.
Spiritual Health: I think this aspect is very important. I don't believe in God but I'm a christian. I realized that God is an image of the creator of every one of us. I don't believe that there was a person who saved us but I believe that it's important to say thanks everyday to what the creator has given to you. I think that taking a silent time for yourself is really helpful to keep progress of your life.

  • Start your day with a smile 
  • Listen to a hypnosis audio everyday
  • Take time to meditate every other day
If you want to make a list to fulfill your goals in every aspect of your life, feel free to share it to me and link it down in the comment section below! Best of luck to you.
"The mind is everything. What you think you become." -Buddha

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