Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer heat? Have a haircut

I have been struggling with my hair because it's rebonded and now the roots are growing. I had a rebond one year ago and I had to accept the fact that my hair's naturally curly and that's what's made for me because I look much better with it. I had really frizzy hair when I was in elementary school so I did not hesitate to rebond it but then I realized that it did not suit me much because it was so limp and volumeless and it made my hair thinner and thinner as time comes so I stopped getting a rebond and instead, I'm growing it out. Everyday I get annoyed with my hair because it's thick, full of volume, long and it's really hot (Philippines is a tropical country, plus it's summer). I tied my hair up everyday in the past because it really feel uncomfortable down and it's really a mess. The problem is, my scalp hurts a lot because of the tight ponytails and heavy hair that my scalp should support. To end this problem, I had a haircut yesterday which made my hair so much easier to manage thus, ending my problems. I will grow out my curls and hopefully be proud and comfortable with it. 

This is a photo of me yesterday when my hair was newly cut and my hair was blowdried to straighten my locks.
This one's taken today showing my natural waves. I achieved this by bunning my hair for about 4-10 hours? depending on your hair texture. I might post a tutorial if I have time.

Short hair? very comfty!

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